Celebrating Earth Day with Bioheat® Fuel

Celebrating Earth Day

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Top 5 Reasons Why Bioheat® Fuel Is Better, Cleaner, and Safer

1. Bioheat® fuel is a renewable liquid heating fuel.
Bioheat® fuel is a blend of traditional heating fuel and renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from a variety of natural materials that are recycled or agricultural by-products, like inedible corn oil, animal fats, used cooking oil, and other materials that would otherwise be wasted.

2. Bioheat® fuel produces fewer GHG and carbon emissions.
Bioheat® fuel helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and carbon emissions in several ways. First and foremost, Bioheat® fuel is inherently low carbon because of its biodiesel content. And second, the biodiesel content in Bioheat® fuel also helps to reduce consumption of traditional heating fuels.

3. Bioheat® fuel is ready, available, and affordable.
Bioheat® fuel is abundant in the United States. The biodiesel industry employs more than 62,000 people, and production continues to grow to meet increased demand. The best part? Using Bioheat® fuel is a cost-effective solution for everyone. It doesn’t require heating system modifications and can be used in existing heating fuel systems at no additional cost.

4. Bioheat® fuel is low carbon, right now.
Bioheat® fuel is a low-carbon heating fuel that is contributing to reducing carbon emissions today. In addition, it will continuously lower its carbon content over time as blend percentages increase.

5. Bioheat® fuel will reach net-zero emissions.
On top of Bioheat® fuel’s current low-carbon status, the industry has goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. There is an actionable plan in place to help fast-track Bioheat® fuel to become even better than it already is for our environment.

Commit to acting against climate change today and every day by using Bioheat® fuel. Contact your fuel provider to ask for Bioheat® fuel today.