Heating your home is a major part of your household budget. Did you know that there is a renewable energy solution that is affordable, efficient, and readily available without the need for modifications to your current heating system? Bioheat® fuel is an affordable renewable heating fuel available today, and it doesn’t require any additional costs to start using. How do those savings stack up? Read on to get the rundown on Bioheat® fuel and the cost savings that come with it.

No Need to Spend on Heating System to Use Bioheat® Fuel

The first major factor in Bioheat® fuel’s affordability is the fact that it is compatible with existing heating systems. You heard right! You don’t have to splurge for new equipment or modify your home to start using Bioheat® fuel.

Long-Term Savings with High-Efficiency Equipment

Bioheat® fuel has the ability to offer long-term savings for your energy budget because it can be used with high-efficiency heating equipment. High-efficiency boilers and furnaces use less fuel to produce a greater heat output, which translates to lower usage (and lower heating bills!) without sacrificing comfort. High-efficiency heating systems have added benefits like smoother operation and extended equipment lifespan.

Upgrade & Save Even More Money

Making the transition to Bioheat® fuel has never been easier! While you do not need new equipment to use Bioheat ® fuel, did you know you can receive tax credits from the federal government of up to $600 and rebates in some states that total up to an additional $1,400 for upgrading your heating system? Not only could you be eligible for these tax credits from the federal government, but you could qualify for even more savings depending on the state you live in.


Manageable Heating Bills

Bioheat® fuel is competitively priced per gallon, comparable to other liquid heating fuels on the market. Market prices can vary, so it’s a good idea to check with your heating provider to see if they offer any prompt-pay discounts or payment plan options. Most local heating companies offer payment programs that allow customers to spread annual heating costs into smaller, even monthly payments throughout the year to make heating bills easier to manage.  

Available Today

Looking for Bioheat® Fuel in Your Area?

Get started with a quick internet search, including your town name, county, and state—more and more providers are delivering Bioheat® fuel now. If you can’t find a provider near you, contact your state energy association listed below.


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