How to Get Started

Bioheat® fuel is ready and available right now! Here’s what you can do:

Call Your Home Comfort Provider

Ask If They Deliver Bioheat® Fuel

If They Do, Great!
Make Sure Your Next Delivery Is Bioheat® Fuel

If They Don’t, Ask Why Not?

Looking for a Bioheat® Fuel Provider?

Looking for a Bioheat® fuel provider?

Get started with a quick Internet search, including your town name, county, and state—more and more providers are delivering Bioheat® fuel now. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you find the website of a local heating fuel provider:

  1. Do they mention Bioheat® fuel by name on their website?
    Most companies who deliver Bioheat® fuel will say so loudly and proudly on their websites. You can keep an eye out for terminology such as biodiesel, recycled soybean oil, and renewable fuel.
  2. What blend percentage of Bioheat® fuel do they deliver?
    Companies delivering Bioheat® fuel often share the blend percentage. Notation is written as B2, B5, B10, B20, and so on, with the “B” representing Bioheat® fuel and the number representing the percentage of biodiesel that is blended into every gallon of fuel. The higher the blend, the more sustainable your fuel!
  3. Do they offer other services?
    If you want a Bioheat® fuel provider who can also offer HVAC maintenance and repair, be sure to check their website to see if they mention those services. Many Bioheat® fuel delivery companies employ a team of technicians who can expertly install and maintain furnaces, boilers, and water heaters, as well as deliver fuel to power them.

Find & Implement Bioheat® Fuel in Your Routine

Bioheat® fuel is easy to use and can be utilized in existing heating fuel equipment without modifications. More and more fuel providers across the country are offering this low-carbon fuel. If you can’t find a provider near you, contact us or your state energy association listed below.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you’re interested in discovering everything Bioheat® fuel has to offer or you have specific questions, please fill out this contact form.

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Looking for Bioheat® fuel in your area?

Get started with a quick Internet search, including your town, county, and state—more and more heating fuel dealers are delivering Bioheat® fuel today. If your provider does not offer Bioheat, ask them why not, then proceed to contact your state energy association listed below to begin your road to net zero.