Top 4 Reasons Why Bioheat® Fuel Is an Affordable Renewable Energy

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Thinking about how you will be heating your home this fall? Whether you’re shopping around for a heating fuel provider or considering ways to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, read this blog post to find out why Bioheat® fuel stands out as an affordable renewable energy solution for homeowners.

1. Use your existing heating equipment

The first reason why Bioheat® fuel clocks as one of the most affordable renewable energy solutions for homeowners out there is because it requires no system modifications. You can use blends of Bioheat® fuel ranging from B5 (with 5% biodiesel content) up to B20 (with 20% biodiesel content) in your existing fuel tank and boiler or furnace right now.

2. Save thousands of dollars up front

Save money by continuing to use eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel, which is compatible with your existing home heating equipment. Not needing to upgrade your home heating system is a major money saver that will leave more wiggle room in your monthly and annual spending plan.

3. Benefit from efficient fuel economy & performance

When you use Bioheat® fuel, you benefit from the immediate savings of using existing equipment that you’ve already invested in, and you have the opportunity for long-term savings, too. Bioheat® fuel is a highly efficient fuel that requires less fuel usage to output high levels of heat. On top of that, using Bioheat® fuel in a high-efficiency boiler or furnace ups the ante even more. This means you’ll use less fuel to heat your home and save more on your annual heating costs.

4. Pay manageable fuel bills

Last but not least, Bioheat® fuel is a cost-efficient renewable heating fuel because heating fuel providers that deliver it often offer additional ways for customers to save. Some companies provide prompt-pay discounts, which offer an extra per-gallon discount when bills are paid within a certain period. Some heating fuel delivery providers offer budget plans and price protection options, which allow customers to spread their annual heating bills out into smaller monthly payments over the year or put a cap on their price per gallon for the season. Local heating companies are really committed to helping their customers find ways to make their heating budgets as manageable as possible, no matter how the market fluctuates.

Contact your heating company today to ask if they deliver Bioheat® fuel! You’ll enjoy steady, reliable heat at a competitive price and know that your heating choice is better, cleaner, and safer for your home, community, and environment.