Stored Renewable Energy: An Alternative to Grid Pressure & Brown Outs

Consumers, companies, and communities are looking for ways to make greener choices to help combat the effects of climate change. Electrification, also known as the transition to all-electric energy solutions, is a part of the conversation, but is it really the best renewable energy option? A major concern with electrification is the supply of the electric grid and its ability to withstand growing demand.

If more homes, businesses, and cities rely on electricity for transportation and heat on top of daily power needs, areas will start to experience brownouts and loss of power. So, how great is an energy source that can’t be fully depended on?

Bioheat® fuel, on the other hand, is stored renewable energy that won’t contribute to electric grid pressure. It’s stored safely and securely on-site and is ready to use whenever equipment calls for it.

What Does Stored Energy Mean?

Bioheat® fuel is a stored energy because once it is purchased and delivered to its location, it is stored on-site in a fuel tank. It is a finite liquid fuel that does not require an external mechanism, like a power plant, to generate and distribute energy.

Instead, Bioheat® fuel users have a renewable energy supply right there and ready to generate energy to provide heat or hot water whenever an appliance calls for it.

Top 3 Benefits of Stored Renewable Energy

  • Safely stored in a fuel tank on your property
  • Ready and available whenever you need it
  • Independent from external generation

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Stored Renewable Energy vs. On-Demand Electricity

For comparison, did you know that one 275-gallon tank of Bioheat® fuel contains 10,670 kilowatt hours of energy? That’s equivalent to the energy contained within 109 fully charged Ford F-150 electric pickup trucks! However, unlike the 9.7 hours it would take to recharge one pickup truck, a Bioheat® fuel storage tank can be completely refilled in fewer than 6 minutes. This calculation showcases only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conceptualizing the security that stored energy like Bioheat® fuel provides.

When you look at the two side-by-side, putting extreme pressure on the electric grid doesn’t seem to make sense when there’s another option available, does it? Click here to learn more about stored renewable energy or dive deeper into the details comparing Bioheat® fuel with electricity.

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