How Bioheat® Fuel Promotes Jobs & Helps Local Business

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Ever wondered how your home heating fuel choice affects the economy, jobs, and local businesses in your area? In addition to Bioheat® fuel’s positive environmental benefits, the industry is a major contributor to the national economy, supporting businesses across the nation and in your hometown. In fact, the production and distribution of Bioheat® fuel supports over 75,000 jobs in the United States and generates billions of dollars in GDP, household income, and tax revenue. Keep reading to learn more about how the Bioheat® fuel industry promotes jobs and stimulates both national and local economies.

Bioheat® Fuel’s Role in Stimulating Our National Economy

Bioheat® fuel was developed as a recent response to the advancement for finding renewable energy and alternative fuel sources here in the US. You might already know the basics about eco-friendly fuel, such as the positive impact it has on our environment—not to mention your energy budget. But are you familiar with Bioheat® fuel’s role in stimulating our national economy? The domestic production of the home heating fuel here in the United States is responsible for the creation of thousands of American jobs, supporting local and family-owned businesses across the nation, as well as supplying the agriculture and restaurant industry with additional revenue.

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Types of Local Businesses Supported by Bioheat® Fuel.

With the Bioheat® fuel industry stimulating the national economy, you can also count on seeing this fuel create a positive economic impact within your own local community. If you are familiar with Bioheat® fuel, you know that it is a liquid heating fuel made by blending renewable biodiesel with traditional ultra-low sulfur fuels. It is low carbon, better for the air we breathe, and responsible for thousands of jobs in multiple industries. These jobs come from local industries and businesses such as:

Biodiesel Producers

These companies are responsible for making biodiesel from renewable resources like used cooking oils and agricultural by-products. Biodiesel production requires all levels of employees for production, quality control, and distribution—and all these facilities operate without using land for drilling.

Livestock and Agriculture Businesses

Agricultural by-products, like soybean oil and inedible corn oil, are also used to create biodiesel. These by-products can be sold to biodiesel producers by farmers for additional revenue, which contributes to reducing the cost of crops. Lowering the cost for crops also helps lower the cost of feed sources (like soybean meal) for livestock producers.


Biodiesel can be made from recycled oils and fats, including used cooking oil. Restaurants that sell their used cooking oil to biodiesel producers can create an additional revenue stream from a product that would otherwise go to waste. Plus, the increasing demand for soybean oil used in Biodiesel production causes the demand for the crop to increase, and the cost of soy used for feed and food is significantly reduced. It’s a win-win-win for restaurant owners, consumers, and farmers thanks to the local Bioheat® fuel industry in your town.

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Bioheat® Fuel Home Comfort Providers

These are the people who help you heat your home in the winter, show up on the weekend should you experience an unexpected operational issue, or make a timely fuel delivery. Bioheat® fuel providers deliver Bioheat® fuel to homes and businesses in your community. Many of these businesses are multigenerational, family-run operations that have been helping customers stay warm for decades. They’ve transitioned to Bioheat® fuel so that they can continue to help their customers stay warm at an affordable price.

Support the Economy & Your Local Businesses by Becoming a Bioheat® Fuel Customer Today

By simply becoming a Bioheat® fuel customer with your local heating oil provider, you’ve already contributed to making a huge positive impact on the economy. With Bioheat® fuel, you can feel great about what you’re using to heat your home year after year. With this innovative, eco-friendly fuel, you’re not only supporting local businesses in your area and promoting job production, but you’re also benefitting from the cleaner air due to the reduced emissions, better health, improved system efficiency, energy savings, and the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll always have the fuel to heat your home. Thanks to you, your community and national economy can benefit from the thriving Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel industry.