Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel for Local Business Owners

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If you own a small business, you’ve got a lot going on! Choosing an energy source that can efficiently keep up with your company’s needs and keep costs low is a must. But what about renewable energy that could do both and do better for our environment and the future?

As policies change and legislation pushes toward more environmentally friendly energy, many business owners are thinking ahead about how they will meet new guidelines without totally disrupting their operations and budget. The good news is that there are solutions available right now that can do just that. We’re talking about Bioheat® fuel.

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Are Using Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat® fuel consists of renewable biodiesel blended with traditional heating fuel. Its primary use is for space heating–so, if you are a business with office space, commercial warehouses, multi-unit properties, or any other type that requires heating the building, Bioheat® fuel could prove the perfect solution for you. Here’s why other business owners have transitioned to Bioheat® fuel.

1. Bioheat® fuel doesn’t require modifications to use.

Whether you’re considering using an eco-friendlier fuel or anticipating legislative requirements, you’re likely thinking about upfront costs. The good news about Bioheat® fuel is that it is compatible with most existing heating systems without the need for modifications.

2. Bioheat® fuel is ready and available now.

Another thing to keep in mind is ease of use. If you change your space heating fuel or energy source, how easy will it be to power your space? Bioheat® fuel is ready and available right now–many providers are already delivering it across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Call your energy supplier to ask if they offer Bioheat® fuel, and if they don’t then a quick Internet search should pull up progressive companies that do.

3. Bioheat® fuel is affordable.

We’ll say it again–cost is a huge factor for local business owners! Bioheat® fuel prices competitively with other traditional heating fuels on the market.

4. Bioheat® fuel is better, cleaner, & safer.

If you choose to use Bioheat® fuel for your business, you can feel good about your decision. Bioheat® fuel is better, cleaner, and safer for the environment because it comes from renewable resources. It’s a true low-carbon energy that helps reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions today and will continue to do so as it evolves into a 100% carbon-neutral fuel.

5. Bioheat® fuel supports other local businesses.

Last but not least, using Bioheat® fuel for your business means supporting fellow business owners in the community. Local, family-owned fuel providers in your neighborhood deliver Bioheat® fuel. They have served the area for generations and employ friends, neighbors, and family members in your town. It’s renewable energy with personalized service.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for a renewable energy solution that will keep business costs down and reduce your carbon footprint. Click here for more information about how to find a Bioheat® fuel provider in your area.