How Bioheat® Fuel Helps Businesses in Your Neighborhood

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The Bioheat® fuel industry is a major contributor to the national economy, but do you know how it directly impacts businesses in your own community? Bioheat® fuel is an alternative energy solution that supports local businesses in a variety of sectors. Companies connected to the Bioheat® fuel industry are small- to mid-size family businesses that have been serving their communities for generations.

Types of Local Businesses Supported by Bioheat® Fuel

If you are familiar with Bioheat® fuel, you know that it is a liquid heating fuel made by blending renewable biodiesel with traditional ultra-low sulfur fuels. It is low carbon, better for the air we breathe, and responsible for thousands of jobs. These jobs come from local businesses like…

  • Restaurants
    Biodiesel can be made from recycled oils and fats, including used cooking oil. Restaurants that sell their used cooking oil to biodiesel producers are able to create an additional revenue stream from a product that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Biodiesel Producers
    Speaking of biodiesel production, these companies are responsible for making biodiesel from renewable resources like used cooking oils and agricultural by-products. Biodiesel production requires all levels of employees for production, quality control, and distribution—and all these facilities operate without using land for drilling.
  • Livestock and Agriculture Businesses
    Agricultural by-products, like soybean oil and inedible corn oil, are also used to create biodiesel. These by-products can be sold to biodiesel producers by farmers for additional revenue, which contributes to reducing the cost of crops. Lowering the cost for crops also helps lower the cost of feed sources (like soybean meal) for livestock producers.
  • Bioheat® Fuel Providers
    These are the people who help you heat your home in the winter, show up on the weekend to fix your heating system, or make a fuel delivery. Bioheat® fuel providers deliver Bioheat® fuel to homes and businesses in your community. Many of these businesses are multigenerational, family-run operations that have been helping customers stay warm for decades. They’ve transitioned to Bioheat® fuel so that they can continue to help their customers stay warm at an affordable price.

So, when you’re thinking about renewable energy for your home, consider how it can help not only the environment, but your community, too. Bioheat® fuel supports thousands of local jobs right now and will continue to grow. Contact your fuel provider today to ask if they deliver Bioheat® fuel!