Why You Should

Bioheat® Advantages

Bioheat® fuel is an easy way to use a safer, cleaner and renewable fuel source to heat your home. There are a long list of advantages Bioheat fuel offers, and best of all, you don’t really have to do anything to use it – just ask!

Bioheat fuel blends up to 5 percent requires no equipment retrofitting or modifications to your current home heating equipment:

Exhaustive testing by independent testing laboratories demonstrated that biodiesel blends up to 20% are safe and suitable for your heating oil equipment. Join countless oilheat consumers already enjoying the benefits of Bioheat in blends ranging from 2% to 20%. In fact, Bioheat fuel may help enhance and extend your equipment life and efficiency.  (Ask your trusted fuel supplier to perform a combustion efficiency test to determine how efficient your existing system is performing.)


Bioheat fuel promotes better air quality in your home

Bioheat fuel lowers toxic emissions vs. petroleum fuels. Biodiesel has passed EPA’s tier 1 and 2 Health effects testing with flying colors. It reduces nitrous oxide in boilers and home heating equipment. Studies[1] show that ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel blends yield these stunning results: Greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalent emissions) are lower than those from natural gas.


[1] All recent studies by Brookhaven National Laboratory and others summarized in “Report to Congress, State Governments and Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency,” National Oilheat Research Alliance May 2015, Environmental Conclusion.

Environmentally Friendly

Bioheat helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing a percentage of fossil fuel with a cleaner and more efficient fuel source. The biodiesel in Bioheat fuel has a positive energy balance of 5.54:1 which means every 5.54 gallons of biodiesel produced requires only 1 gallon of fossil fuel use to make it. Think of it this way; if the 7 billion gallons of oilheat used per year throughout twenty-three states contained 5% biodiesel, approximately 7.7 billion pounds of pollutants would be reduced from the air.


Bioheat creates jobs and decreases our country’s dependence on foreign oil

The biodiesel industry has plants in nearly every state in the nation using an increasingly diverse mix of feedstocks, and the industry’s growth has helped diversify our energy supply while creating jobs and economic activity. Last year, the industry’s record production of nearly 1.8 billion gallons supported more than 62,000 jobs across the economy along with billions of dollars in economic activity, household income and tax revenues.

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Is Bioheat right for my home?

If you are currently using oilheat, yes. In a nutshell, Bioheat fuel is right for your home and the environment, because it requires no change in equipment it actually helps to improve it, it’s safer and healthier for your home and the environment, and it helps create American jobs and reduces our need for foreign oil. creating energy independence.

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Enhancing Air Quality in your Home and Neighborhood

Because it produces lower emissions than traditional heating oil, it promotes better air quality. Tests showed that the use of Bioheat in a standard home oil burner resulted in a substantial reduction in unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter compared to emissions from distillate fuels. Translated to a typical oil-burning household, using 800 gallons of Bioheat blends per year could help each family conserve up to 16 gallons of oil annually and the emissions that go along with it.  Breathe easier with new low sulfur Bioheat.


The EPA estimates that their top twelve air enforcement actions to reduce these pollutants will result in health benefits valued at up to $15 billion to include the reduction of the following:

  • 680-1,700 premature deaths in people with heart or lung disease,
  • 87,000 fewer days of missed work or school, and
  • 12,000 fewer cases of exacerbated asthma.

Additionally, using Bioheat helps reduce emissions of sulfur oxides and sulfates (major components of acid rain), which are a main cause in global warming