Weighing your options for a renewable energy source for your home or business? It makes sense to start with your budget, but be sure to include service quality on your pros and cons list. If you decide to convert your home to electric heat pumps, you won’t experience the same customer service you’re used to from a family-run fuel business.

Anonymous Service from Big Utility

When your home relies on electricity for heat, that means you are completely dependent on the electric company to keep your home warm. If you need to call to pay your bill, ask a question, or bring up an issue, you’ll likely be sent to a big call center and speak with a representative that isn’t familiar with you or your account.

Limited Options Compared to Other Providers

Converting to electric-only heat also means losing your choice to work with a local, family-run heating fuel provider. These businesses offer more specialized services that utility companies don’t, including budget plans, service plans, price protection, and 24/7 emergency service.

Local Fuel Companies Could Go Out of Business

Family-owned-and-operated fuel providers could be legislated out of business. These fuel delivery companies typically employ dozens of people from their communities and have been serving hundreds of customers for generations.

Bioheat® Fuel Is a Better Solution

If you’d rather have reliable, personalized service from a local business and have a renewable energy source for your home, check out Bioheat® fuel! Bioheat® fuel is an alternative energy that is available from family-run fuel businesses right now.

  • Delivered by local businesses
  • Personalized, high-quality customer service
  • Low-carbon, with plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2050
  • No expensive conversions
  • Available and ready right now

Available Today

Looking for Bioheat® fuel in your area?

Get started with a quick Internet search, including your town, county, and state—more and more heating fuel dealers are delivering Bioheat® fuel today. If your provider does not offer Bioheat, ask them why not, then proceed to contact your state energy association listed below to begin your road to net zero.

Project Carbon Freedom

Tell Legislators That You Want a Choice

Some climate policies are pushing to switch to all-electric energy to reduce carbon emissions, but at what cost to you? Tell your legislators that you want to keep your choice to use a renewable fuel that is affordable, low carbon, and doesn’t require equipment conversions.


Are You a Fuel Provider?

If you’re a heating oil dealer interested in becoming a Bioheat® fuel provider, we can help. Please fill out the adjacent contact form, and a member of our Bioheat supply team will contact you as soon as possible.