Climate policies are shifting to focus on more sustainable energy solutions for homes to reduce carbon emissions. Electric heat through electric heat pumps is one of the options out there. But before you’re sold on the idea, it’s important to understand the true costs of converting to electric heat pumps. It’s actually a major expense that most American families can’t afford.

Electric Heat Pumps Cost up to $21,000

Yep, that’s right. The median average cost to convert a home to all-electric heat through electric heat pumps is $21,572. This major upfront cost is out of budget for many low- and middle-income households, even with a rebate.

Conversion Costs Are High for All Heat Sources

The average cost of a heat pump conversion varies depending on the home’s existing heat source. However, research shows that whether you use oil, propane, natural gas, a wood stove, or even existing electric heating, the conversion cost remains above $16,000.


After Conversion, Utility Bills Remain High

It’s important to consider the long-term costs of heating your home, too. Even if you can afford the initial conversion cost, you could be dealing with more than $700 in extra expenses per year. A recent study by ICF concluded that policy-driven electrification would increase the average residential household energy-related costs by approximately 38% to 46%, resulting in an increase to the average affected residential household of between $750 and $910 per year.

Electric Doesn’t Have to Be Your Only Option!

If you could get an environmentally friendly, low-carbon heating option without having to spend thousands of dollars, why wouldn’t you? Bioheat® fuel is an alternative energy that is available right now, without expensive conversions.

  • Low-carbon, with plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2050
  • No expensive conversions
  • Available and ready right now
  • Better, cleaner, and safer

Available Today

Looking for Bioheat® fuel in your area?

Get started with a quick Internet search, including your town, county, and state—more and more heating fuel dealers are delivering Bioheat® fuel today. If your provider does not offer Bioheat, ask them why not, then proceed to contact your state energy association listed below to begin your road to net zero.

Project Carbon Freedom

Tell Legislators That You Want a Choice

Some climate policies are pushing to switch to all-electric energy to reduce carbon emissions, but at what cost to you? Tell your legislators that you want to keep your choice to use a renewable fuel that is affordable, low carbon, and doesn’t require equipment conversions.


Are You a Fuel Provider?

If you’re a heating oil dealer interested in becoming a Bioheat® fuel provider, we can help. Please fill out the adjacent contact form, and a member of our Bioheat supply team will contact you as soon as possible.