Celebrating Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day – Friday April 22nd!  Earth Day – now a globally celebrated holiday – is an educational day about environmental issues, focusing on green awareness. It’s a day to reflect on our planet, our environment and what we can do to help keep them healthy.

Locally produced biodiesel is one of the many ways consumers can do something to help lessen the effects of global climate change. Biodiesel is  a cleaner burning fuel, now made from animal fat, vegetable oil and recycled cooking oil. It also became America’s first Advanced Biofuel. Renewable biodiesel can be blended with today’s home heating oil to make Bioheat fuel! Today, Bioheat is now available to be delivered right to your home. Thanks to biodiesel and Bioheat Fuel, oil heat customers can enjoy a better, safer and reliable fuel. Bioheat helps contribute to lower emissions, a cleaner heating system and improved air quality in your home! Plus, it can help save you money by improving the efficiency of your system – and that is certainly something worth celebrating! Check out the interview with one of our Bioheat representatives talking about Earth Day!