Economic Impact


Bioheat® fuel decreases our dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs at home, boosts agriculture, and saves money for consumers.

The biodiesel industry is supporting more than 62,000 U.S. jobs, generating billions of dollars in GDP, household income, and tax revenues. The industry’s economic impact is poised to grow significantly with continued production increases. The biodiesel industry supports jobs in a variety of sectors, from manufacturing to transportation, agriculture and service. For livestock feeders, Bioheat® helps bring the price of soybean meal down by increasing demand for the by-product soybean oil. For restaurant owners, used cooking oil—once a waste product—can now be sold to biodiesel producers as an additional source of revenue. Bioheat® fuel helps meet our nation’s energy and food needs without using new land or drilling for—or importing—dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. For consumers, Bioheat® fuel blended into ultra low sulfur heating oil may help extend the life of your heating equipment and reduce oil consumption, ultimately saving money.