Ask BEN Newsletter: Fall Edition

Fuel Experts Working to Re-Define “Premium Diesel Fuel” By Scott Fenwick, NBB, Technical Director Premium Diesel Fuel.  Everyone wants to obtain premium value without having to pay additional prices.  For years, the fuels industry has been marketing and selling Premium Diesel Fuel in the marketplace.  The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) is the group of state regulators in charge of monitoring these claims and definition. Over the last 10 years,… Read More

Spring 2016 Biodiesel Education News: Biodiesel Capacity is Robust. Moving it May be our Challenge.

Domestic Biodiesel by Rail: NBB Task Group Eyes Opportunity The National Biodiesel Board has formed a task group to examine the feasibility of transporting large volumes of biodiesel by rail from the Midwest to satisfy growing demand along the Eastern Seaboard. The group, comprised of domestic biodiesel producers, industry leaders and rail professionals, has been plotting the locations of U.S. biodiesel producers, rail lines, transloaders and oil terminals in an effort to… Read More

Newsletter: Imports Show Need for Biodiesel Tax Reform

National Biodiesel Conference Kicks off Biodiesel’s Biggest Year Yet Challenged by misinformation and too often underrated, the biodiesel industry perseveres, and is gearing up for what could be its best year yet coast-to-coast. That was the underlying theme of the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo, held in Tampa, Fla, Jan. 25-28. As the biodiesel conference began, the EPA released the numbers showing that U.S. consumers used a record of nearly 2.1 billion… Read More